Bayerisches Staatswappen The Bavarian State Archives

The archives of the state of Bavaria (Germany) preserve records (e.g. charters, files, maps) created by the government and administration of Bavaria and its predecessors since the introduction of writing (the oldest charter dates from the year 777) . They can be used in the reading rooms of the nine Bavarian state archives.

Our pages are available only in German, as consultation of the records and the finding aids is not possible without knowledge of this language.

Please note, that in Germany any genealogical research for the period after 1876 as a rule should begin with the records kept by the local authority of a person's residence, and for the period before 1876 should set out at the registers of baptisms, marriages and deaths kept by the ecclesiastic archives. Further research at the state archives can only lead to any results with exact information gained from these sources.

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